TEFL Courses in Cape Town

Looking for a TEFL course in Cape Town? You’re in the right place. We run TEFL courses in Cape Town throughout the year. Over one weekend you’ll get 20 hours of in-depth, hands-on study and by Sunday night you’ll be a qualified TEFL teacher.

What’s Covered in the Cape Town TEFL Course?

You’ll cover the TEFL basics, from how to teach new vocabulary, all the way through to the best ways to keep your students motivated. You’ll finish the weekend by preparing and delivering your first English lesson. These practical elements of the Cape Town classroom TEFL course will give you the confidence and skills you’ll need to head overseas and start teaching English.

Get More With Combined TEFL Courses

You can combine your 20 hour TEFL course in Cape Town with up to 120 extra hours of practical online study. This will give you a deeper understanding of teaching English as a foreign language and make it easier to find TEFL jobs abroad. Discover your combined TEFL course options here.

Select a TEFL Course Package:

20 Hour Classroom Course

Get the TEFL essentials and hands-on teaching experience on our fun and practical 20 Hour Classroom TEFL Course. Check Availability


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40 Hour Combined Course

Get practical classroom training with an added grammar boost. Check Availability


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60 Hour Combined Course

Get both practical and theoretical TEFL training on the 60 Hour Combined TEFL Course. Check Availability


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120 Hour Combined Course

Mix in-depth online TEFL training with a hands-on classroom TEFL course. Check Availability


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140 Hour Combined Course

Find well-paid TEFL jobs all over the world with our most advanced combined TEFL course. Check Availability


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